This is an unpaid internship and will be ideal for a current student/graduate student.

Melanated Queen Productions is looking for a Social Space Intern for our new co-working space in Homewood, IL!
Melanated Queen Productions, LLC is a community-centered company that provides educational content centered on social constructs of the African American experience. Melanated Queen Productions serves as the official home for the brand Confessions Of A Melanated Queen, which comprises of a blog, a book series, a weekly podcast, and a documentary series that is currently in production.

Melanated Queen Productions, LLC is the creator of the annual Melanated Queen Awards and Melanated King Awards. Both celebrations recognize and honor African American men and women who are servant leaders in their respective communities.
Primary responsibilities include office management, guest and member assistance, event planning, and general assistance.
Social Space Intern:
• Open and close MELANATED QUEEN PRODUCTIONS on a daily basis during regular business hours.
• Maintain a professional and welcoming environment for visitors to MELANATED QUEEN PRODUCTIONS including the members, guest, and visitors.
• Answer phones and general email communications, make appropriate referrals, and respond to routine requests for information.
• Update and maintain all general organizational records and databases (paper, computer and cloud). Records include, but are not limited to, activity logs, organization calendar and contact database).
• Ensure office is running in optimal fashion, including arranging for maintenance repairs and technical service when needed, and maintaining all office supplies.
• Act as a recruiter for new members when necessary.
Assistant to the Owner:
• Assist the owner in branding activities, which include but are not limited to planning and coordinating special events, and billing members.
• Update and maintain member database and integrate content into general contact database for optimal use.
• Execute delivery of varied correspondence to members and guest that includes solicitations and acknowledgements through avenues such as individual communications, bulk mail, email, and social media.
• Assist in layout of newsletter and other print communications, coordinate production with printer and facilitate bulk mailing.

Social Media Duties:
• Maintain website often to keep content current.
• Regular posting to MELANATED QUEEN PRODUCTIONS’s social media pages (Facebook and IG).
Email resumes to
This is an internship and will be ideal for a current student/graduate student.

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