Slay Girl, Slay: A Conversation With Inspirational Podcaster, Ashley Leggs

Confessions Of A Melanated Queen welcomes Ashley Leggs!

Ashley is the founder of the podcast and inspirational brand, Slay Girl, Slay.
Ashley sat with me to welcome each of you to a prosperous new year!! Ashely is such an inspiration, and as a millennial, she has been able to encourage thousands of women weekly through her podcast.

What I love about Ashley, is that she is the best friend each of us always wanted and needed.
She empowers, uplifts, and greets each of us every week with a “Hey boo!”. She is the epitome of living your best life.
You can check out her website at, subscribe to her podcast, and follow her on Instagram @slaygirlslay


Listen, subscribe, share!

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