I Confess: Three Lessons Learned From Podcasting

If you have been following me, you know that I am an official podcaster!!!

It has been so exciting to learn about the great things others are doing with their God-given talents, gifts, and life lessons, while exercising their greatness. Through this process, I have learned a few lessons of my own and I would like to take a moment to share them with you.

fear1. Face Your Fear: If  you told me 6 months ago that I would be hosting a podcast, I would have told you to put the bottle down and come back when you are sober-because you must be drunk off your a$$!!! Naturally, I’m an advisor. I have enjoyed helping others reach their goals through one-on-one support since I was in college. But to have a platform where any and everyone can hear me….that was out of the question. That is, until I decided to face my fear. Never let fear stop you! Instead let it fuel you!Do what you do well

2. Focus On What You Do Well: Like I said, I love helping people. More important than that, I love hearing their stories. So when I decided to grow the Confessions Of A Melanated Queen brand into a podcast, I knew I had to do what I do best……build a stage for someone else. You have no idea how excited I get over ordering those flyers, posting them on social media, and watching their friends, family members, and sometimes complete strangers, comment about how inspired they were to hear their stories. This is what I enjoy. Not only does it bring me joy, it makes my guest feel good too. And that’s the best part. CMQ

3. Listen For Understanding: Years ago, I worked at a college as an academic advisor. To be honest, I trained myself to tune certain things out. I had people coming in and dumping everything other than school-related issues on me. As a coping mechanism, I trained myself to stop listening to certain parts of the conversation. And I hate that. It’s hard to turn that off and to be honest, I’ve had some challenges gaining my old listening skills back. However, now I’m making a conscience effort to have conversations with people who inspire me. The podcast has helped me to get back in my groove and practice being an active listener again. Besides, who wants to miss ANYTHING? Have you heard some of our interviews? #Fire #BlackExcellence. You don’t want to miss a word, because our people drop gems!!

I say all that to say this: whatever you are thinking about doing, do it. There is always room to grow, as you should never stop learning. Hone your craft, study, and pray about it. God will deliver, when it’s HIS will and perfect timing.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!!!


Dr. Lauren Meeks

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