I Confess: You Taught Me The Definition Of “Bestie”

Joni 1

Me: “You can’t wear shorts at this school”.

You: “My daddy said it’s going to be hot today”.

Me: “We are not allowed to wear shorts at this school”.

According to my memory, you were a new girl at my school. You didn’t know the rules. Students were not allowed to wear shorts at Chateaux Elementary School. I think the school sent you home to change clothes, but I could be wrong.

This was 1989 and too long ago to remember.

But, I do know that we became best friends. Remember when I was uninvited to your birthday party because I told you a dirty joke?  I think I finally convinced your parents later that I was actually a nice girl.

We were very close growing up. You have always been a sweet person. From first through fifth grade, we were two buddies growing up together in Country Club Hills, IL.  I switched schools during our junior high years. But by high school, we were back together again!

And I was happy to have you back in my life.

Joni 2

We spent many days and nights at the old movie theatre near Lincoln Mall. Our parents took turns picking us up and dropping us off.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998)

The Wood (1999)

Summer of Sam (1999)

Baby Boy (2000)

………. are just a few titles we shared together. We had a lot of fun!!

By 1999 we were working jobs and saving our money to buy our cars.

And we did.

That’s when things got really interesting. Do you remember when I played the Ruff Ryders album over and over in my car?

We graduated from high school and before we parted ways for college, we took a ride in your brown car and listened to Ludacris’ Southern Hospitality (throw them bows).

We went to separate colleges, and slowly lost touch over the years.

Once in a while we connected via phone, and on average, we may see each other every few years.

But no matter what…….you have always called me your Bestie

I’m not convinced that I deserve that title. I have a tendency to drop out of people’s lives for years at a time. And no matter how little you speak to or see me, you still call me your bestie…..and I am very grateful for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped loving you and appreciating your friendship.

Joni 3

What I can say, is that we never stopped calling or texting each other on our birthdays.

March 7th is your birthday. As always, I wish you many more to come. I pray that God continues to bless you.

You deserve it.

You are beautiful inside and out……….

Thank you for setting a true example of friendship.

Thank you for being my best friend……….

Happy Birthday Ms. Joni Chandler!!!!!

My true bestie

Joni 4


Dr. Lauren Meeks





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