I Confess: It Takes Me a Minute To Read Between The Lines

I’m a straight forward kind of girl. I need clarity, not a nudge.

I confess: I don’t know why, but I rarely catch on to hints, I don’t pay attention when you wink at me to give me a signal, and don’t even bother clearing your throat, because I won’t look your way.

I’m not paying attention to the subtleness of your hints.

Maybe I’m just a little slow in this regard, but hey, I can’t be a genius on every level. I have some major flaws and I’ve learned to accept that some things are just not that clear to me.

I’ll share a story.

This is a horrible story, but I’ll tell it anyway.

elder lady

I was about 14, and a freshman in high school. I was walking home from school and as I approached my house, I spotted Ms. Louis. Ms. Louis was about 85 years old. She was standing on the curb in front on her house and next door to mine.

I said hello, and asked what was she doing. She said she was trying to cross the street but was too scared.

I assured her that she would be ok, wished her luck, and proceeded to enter my home.

About a half hour later, I looked out the window and saw a young man helping her across the street.

I know……I know.

I cringe telling this story now. It was awful. I felt so bad.

It never occurred to me that I should actually help her cross the street. I didn’t get it. But believe me when I tell you that from that day on, I have been adamant and almost obsessed with helping others.

It was a huge lesson to be learned. At age 14, I couldn’t recognize when a elderly neighbor needed help.


Fast forward 21 years. Since then, I have spent most of my time searching for ways to improve the quality of life of others.

I’ve committed to empowering students, youth, friends, and elders.

Ms. Louis has long passed, but my negligence has haunted me for two decades.

Yes, it’s true. I don’t always get hints.

I have been guilty of naiveté.

I straight up left an old lady on the curb.

But I learned my lesson from that day forward.

Take care of each other. And read between the lines.


Dr. Lauren Meeks

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