I Confess: Our Love Ain’t Cliff and Claire….But It’s US.

black wedding

I say “I love you”.

He says “I love you more than you love me”.

I argue that’s not possible.

He says it is.

Rubie Dee Ossie Davis

Are we Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis?


But we pray that we experience their longevity.

After 11 years together, and ten years married, our arguments have matured. They are more forgiving, less angry, more patient, and more loving.

And sometimes we simply debate who loves who more.

There are days when it is very difficult to exchange those words at all. Some days we struggle to remember how we made it this far.

martin coretta

Are we Martin and Coretta?


But we pray that we continue to support one another through thick and thin.

No matter what society says, God created marriage. Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not a business transaction, it’s not a piece of paper, but a spiritual union.

No holiday can authentically represent the process in which Eve was created for Adam.

She was made to help him. She was designed to compliment him. She was created so that he would not be alone.

Therefore, he desires to provide for her. His instincts tell him to protect her.

Cliff and Claire

Are we Cliff and Claire?


But we pray that we continue to represent Black excellence.

We both struggle to remember our lives before 2007. We remind each other that we’ve been together a long time. Most days I think we are in disbelief.

The journey sometimes requires traveling through unpleasant territory.

You win some, you lose some, but you keep going.

Keep fighting for each other.

Keep trusting.

Keep forgiving.

Keep believing.

lauren and donte.jpg

Are we perfect?


But we are Us. And that’s all that matters…..


Dr. Lauren Meeks


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