I Confess: Keep Your Speech and Hashtags

black man and woman

Let me get right to it.

I can’t help but to notice that melanated people have the tendency to get caught up in the hype of feel good speeches at awards shows, hashtags, social media challenges, and other BS social movements that do very little to change the climate of Black people in America.

I find it disturbing that Black women are invited to march with the feminist and throw a hashtag on our social media post to bring awareness to what is allegedly going on in Hollywood, but when it comes down to addressing issues that truly impact our community, there is silence from the other side.

Now let me be clear on who I am talking to. I’m talking to the feminist.

women march

I am not moved by your speeches, and your hashtags are nothing more than a strategy to make moves that benefit you.

I have an idea.

Let’s throw #MeToo and #TimesUp on some real issue that impact melanated people:

#TimesUp on the miseducation of African American children in the American public and private school systems.

black boys education

#MeToo While you march to prove you are equal to the man you go home to, Black women have been systematically separated from their men on an emotional, economic, and physical level for hundreds of years.

#TimesUp on the mass incarceration of Black men, women, and children.

#TimesUp on the fear that Black people live with everyday.

#TimesUp on the school to prison pipeline for Black children.

#MeToo on the daily struggles of sharing your life with a Black man who has created a contingency plan for his family in the event that his life is cut short after an interaction with police.

#TimesUp on the defamation of Black marriages, Black family, and Black love.

black marriage

#MeToo for Sandra Bland and the many other victims of White supremacy.

Where is the women’s march and #MeToo when Black women mourn the loss of their children who have been murdered in the streets of America?

#MeToo for my childhood memory of  listening to my parents teach my older brother how to interact with the police when or if he is pulled over.

dont shoot

#TimesUp on forgetting that despite what’s going on in Hollywood, Black men are at the bottom of the totem pole in education, employment, and fair treatment.

#TimesUp on the misdiagnosis of ADHD and any other disability that lands Black boys in unwarranted special education.

Years ago, as a sociology major, I told my undergraduate feminist professor that Black women had no place in the feminist movement.

I said it then and I’ll say it again.

If your social movement does not unite, strengthen, and empower Black women AND their men equally……..miss me with it.

I’ll sit this one out.

Dr. Lauren Meeks

Confessions Of A Melanated Queen

Confessions of A Melanated Queen: Complexities of the Modern Black Woman, is comprised of controversial and thought-provoking commentary related to life, marriage, and family, through the lens of a millennial African American woman






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