I Confess…

melanted queen 2

I rarely share my personal opinion. This is the exact opposite of the old Lauren. When I was younger, I let everyone know how I felt. I hurt a few feelings and probably lost a few friends. Somewhere along the way, I realized that my opinion was just that, my opinion. Despite my usual kind and warm disposition, those who are close to me tell me that I am pretty judgmental.

My bad, I guess that’s why I stopped sharing my opinion. Most people don’t know that I am anti-Black feminism, I question the value of college (even though I have a doctorate), and I am slowly becoming convinced that integration served as the catalyst for the miseducation of African American children. I just don’t talk about it. Because one thing I refuse to do is argue with someone about my experience.

So, I decided to write a book. I am in the process of putting many, but not all, of my thoughts on paper. Outside of my nonprofit and the work I do for the community, I want to engage in a way that is uncomfortable and unfamiliar to me.

Blogging is one thing, sharing my personal beliefs is another. Let’s see how this goes. I look forward to keeping you posted.


Dr. Lauren Meeks

2 thoughts on “I Confess…

  1. You’re doing an amazing job with your blog. Keep up the GREAT work! I can’t wait to read the book.



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